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Ceragem was originally founded as Samsung Medical Industry Co Limited in Korea, in July of 1998, as a manufacturer and distributor of personal thermal massagers. The Company changed its name to Ceragem Co Ltd in 1999 and began to export products to the US market in October of that year.

In 1999 Ceragem gave birth to the SMI-3000, a fully automatic personal massager, followed by the CGM-M3500 the new improved model which has become the representative of the personal massager.

The new production plant in Cheon-An City completed in April 2003 will become the foundation for Ceragem to begin a new era, where personal massagers become a necessity in every household. Ceragem will maintain its leading position in the personal massager market through continuous research and development in the pursuit of healthier living.

Ceragem is a young, healthy and committed company. Ceragem promises to be the world's leader in improving health through alternative medical science. With its 350 National Centers together with its 250 Overseas Centers the Company implements a unique marketing tactic called the "Pre-Purchase Free Trial." the reason behind numerous achievement awards by national organizations.

Ceragem exports to the US, Canada, Mexico, China, Hong kong, Japan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Indonisia, the Philippines, Thailand, Yemen, Kuwait, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand with an export figure of U$10 million in 2002 and estimate of U$million for 2003. Ceragem is a growing export company.

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